Tracing The Lost Decauville Railways of Malang

Just like any other Sugar Mills in Java, they all operated their decauville railway lines in order to pick up canes from the fields and bring them to the mill to be processed into sugar, including the Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill located South of the City of Malang, East Java. When Sempalwadak Sugar Mill got bankrupt, the sugar mill and all of their cane fields were taken over by Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill.

An areal photo of Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill in South of the City of Malang, East Java, dated 24-07-1947, courtesy of KITLV Photo Collection.

          Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill also built new extensions of their field lines through the North section in addition to the already connected decauville railway line through the South section, connecting the decauville railway line of Sempalwadak Sugar Mill and Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill. This makes Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill had two connections to Sempalwadak Sugar Mill, through the North (via Gadang and Arjowinangon villages) and through the South (via Sememek and Bululawang).
Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill began to shut down parts of the decauville line in the late 1960’ to the early 1970’s, when the City Council of Malang bought their cane fields that are located around the border of the city of Malang in order to use to the areas of the cane fields to  extend the city of Malang. This results the closure of Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill’s decauville line going North, passing over Sukun – Dinoyo – Mojolangu – Blimbing and ends in Arjosari.
Another closure of decauville railway lines occured during the fall of President Suharto, when Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill shut down nearly all of their field lines (apart from the South section line). Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill totally closed all of their field lines in 2002 (including the South section line) and somewhere in 2004, they ripped apart all of their decauville railway lines, including the ones inside their yard.
Now in 2014, I will trace back the remains of the decauville lines of Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill, and see what they have turned into. I will take you through a journey from the North section first, the one that went through Sukun to Arjosari, and then the North line that connected Kebon Agoeng Sugar Mill to (ex) Sempalwadak Sugar Mill.

The ex decauville line to (ex) Sf. Sempalwadak via Gadang and Arjosari
Parts of the ex decauville line to (ex) Sf. Sempalwadak via Sememek and Bululawang 

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